We are a collective of builders dedicated to creating products that shape the future; established and operating out of the fastest-growing tech hub in the world. We learn together, we grow together. When people ask us what we do, we tell them “We Build”.

Why Join Utah Product Guild

A community that brings the best together

Utah is full of incredible product people. The problem? There isn’t an easy way for us to connect and collaborate, until now. This is the place to support each other and build together.

Become a better product manager

Aspiring and current products managers: we created a community just for you! You can learn from your peers and share what you’ve learned to help others grow.

Stay updated on industry topics

Good product managers are always looking to stay updated on the latest and greatest. We have a dedicated “content corner” in the community Slack where members can share what they are reading and learning.

“When I discovered product management, I pivoted my entire career path. Few things are better than innovating to solve hard problems. Getting to do that with others is even better. I tried joining several product communities but none fit what I was looking for. So I decided to do what product managers do best — build. Build a community where product managers could learn from each other and do their best work.”

Brayden Haws

“I’ve been a builder my whole life. I love working with my hands and creating useful things. When I learned about product management I knew I would be able to tap into that builder’s spirit in areas I’m passionate about — technology and business. Outside of actually doing the job, talking shop with other product people has been a great way for me to learn and get better. I am proud to start up a community where I can network with others that share my same passion.”

Ryan Jenson

Who We Are

⚒️ We are builders🎙️ We believe that everyone has something to contribute💬 We speak our minds and respect the ideas of others🏗️ We support and lift each other💪 We push ourselves and each other to grow

Where our members are building

How to Join

  • Submit your information

  • We review and validate

  • Once approved you gain access to the community

Join the Guild

Utah Product Guild aims to be the premier product community in Utah.We’re a group of people who build and we want you to join us.

Why Join?

Exclusive Slack Community

  • Network with other Utah PMs

  • Share insights, ideas, and what you’re building

  • Learn together

  • Mentorship for new and aspiring PMs

  • Look for your next role and hire the best PMs

Other Benefits

  • Virtual and In-person meetups and events

  • Participation in exclusive community projects like our "Product Manager Compensation Survey"

  • More exciting stuff to come…

How to Join?

To keep our community top quality and keep our members engaged, there are a few simple criteria you must meet to join.

Live or work in Utah

Be a current or aspiring PM

Thats it!

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